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About Cork Flooring

For our customers who are environmentally conscious, check out our cork flooring collection. It is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. Cork flooring has gained a lot of popularity recently because of its durability, beauty, green qualities and other characteristics. What once was hidden and used only as an underlayment for other flooring, is new being used on its own and recognized for its unique features. The experts in our Hyland Carpet One Floor & Home showroom can help you navigate our cork flooring collection. We have a great selection of hardwood flooring and other types of wood flooring in Sudbury.

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Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is under the hardwood category because it is harvested from a tree, but it also falls under the resilient flooring category as well. Cork flooring can “bounce” back after be compressed, so you do not have to worry about furniture leaving imprints. It is naturally resistant to mild, mildew as well as termites and is anti-microbial.

Cork also is a natural insulator from temperature and sound, making your room more warm and quiet than if you want with another flooring option. Cork is also versatile in term of style. You can choose from planks and tiles that come in different sizes and colours. Unlike a luxury vinyl floor, corks pattern runs through the thickness of the floor and retains its look as it wears.

Another plus is the manufacturing process for cork flooring generates almost no waste. In fact, cork flooring is actually a byproduct of the manufacturing of cork stoppers for wine bottles. The residuals from the stopper production are collected and ground finely. Binders are then added to hold the ground cork together.

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