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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Guide

A modern favorite for residences and commercial spaces alike, there’s a lot to love about luxury vinyl flooring. Merging the natural textures and visuals of wood and stone with maximum performance features, luxury vinyl flooring is made with your durability needs and style preferences in mind.

Luxury vinyl, otherwise known as LVT, achieves its extreme popularity due to its organic-inspired looks and sturdy, synthetic construction. Made using durable materials, luxury vinyl can take anything on: scratching, scuffing, spills, and stains. Since its reinforced using multiple support layers, these heavy-duty tiles and planks are also made to resist cracking, chipping, or breaking. Best of all, all luxury vinyl flooring is made to resist moisture: some types are even fully waterproof.

Where to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring

While many of us are drawn to the stunning looks of natural stone and hardwood, these flooring mediums aren’t always the smartest match for your space. Hardwood can warp when it gets wet, and some types of stone can become scratched under heavy foot traffic. Luxury vinyl flooring, on the other hand, works just about anywhere. However, there are different varieties of luxury vinyl that are especially well-suited for certain areas. For example, those seeking new flooring for their bathroom or shower area would do best to choose luxury vinyl flooring that’s 100% waterproof.

Types of Luxury Vinyl

Generally, there are three types of luxury vinyl flooring: sheet, tile, and plank. While many of us associate vinyl flooring with the vinyl sheeting of yesteryear, this type of flooring has truly come a long way since then. Although sheet vinyl is still widely available, square tiles and wood-like planks have made for further flexibility and options.

Vinyl tile flooring is a durable alternative to ceramic and porcelain tile.

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Vinyl plank flooring is a durable alternative to hardwood and laminate.

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Sheet vinyl flooring limits the seams on the surface of the floor.

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Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

As demand for luxury vinyl products keeps on growing, Hyland Carpet One Floor & Home continues expanding its inventory. With our main goal being to address each customer’s changing needs, we’re proud to offer some greater Sudbury’s most beloved brands, including premium Carpet One exclusives you won’t see anywhere else.

Learn More About Luxury Vinyl

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Best Vinyl

With luxury vinyl flooring available for every style, budget, and purpose, choose one that’s the perfect fit for your space.

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Invincible H2O vinyl flooring

Types of Vinyl

The three different types of vinyl are vinyl tile, vinyl plank, and sheet vinyl.

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