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wood look vinyl flooring in kitchen

Luxury Vinyl in Sudbury, ON

Are you in search of flooring that seamlessly combines the aesthetic appeal of natural wood or tile with unmatched durability? With its innovative construction, luxury vinyl offers the authentic look of real tile or hardwood and none of the stress. And if you're like many homeowners in Sudbury, ON looking for the best luxury vinyl flooring, you'll find it at Hyland Carpet One Floor & Home. As your premier, local flooring store, our luxury vinyl experts are ready to guide you through the process of finding the perfect floor for your home. Discover the many benefits and styles of luxury vinyl for the home, and gain the insight you need to transform your living spaces, only at Hyland Carpet One.


Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Sudbury, ON?

Get the look of authentic look of natural hardwood or tile with the added benefits that come with luxury vinyl! Keep reading to learn more about vinyl benefits for the Sudbury home.


Benefits of Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Comes in a Variety of Styles at Hyland Carpet One

Our selection includes luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), each crafted from synthetic materials for enhanced durability.


The Benefits of Waterproof Vinyl for Your Sudbury Home


Best Areas for Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Sudbury, ON

When considering luxury vinyl for your Sudbury home, tailor your choice to each area's unique requirements. Explore the possibilities at Hyland Carpet One Floor & Home, your trusted destination for luxury vinyl flooring in Sudbury, Ontario. Here are some areas where you can install vinyl flooring:



What to Expect with Luxury Vinyl Installation

Embark on a journey to transform your space with luxury vinyl. Here's a concise overview of what to expect during your installation process:


  1. Subfloor Preparation: Proper cleaning, levelling, and repairs ensure a stable foundation for the vinyl.
  2. Acclimatisation: Vinyl planks/tiles acclimatise to the environment, minimising the risk of post-installation expansion or contraction.
  3. Cutting & Fitting: Skilled installers use precise cutting techniques for a seamless fit, especially in rooms with intricate layouts.
  4. Installation Method: Various methods like click-and-lock, glue-down, or loose lay are chosen based on vinyl type, subfloor, and space requirements.
  5. Seamless Transitions: Careful attention is given to creating seamless transitions between vinyl pieces, ensuring a cohesive appearance.
  6. Finishing Touches: Installation includes adding baseboards or moulding for a polished look and concealing expansion gaps.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring FAQs in Sudbury, ON

Q. Is luxury vinyl flooring suitable for bathrooms?

A. Absolutely, especially our 100% waterproof options that excel in high-moisture areas.


Q. How does luxury vinyl compare to traditional wood flooring?

A. Luxury vinyl provides an authentic look at a more affordable cost, with added durability and resistance to moisture.


Q. Can luxury vinyl be installed in high-traffic areas?

A. Yes, luxury vinyl's robust construction makes it an ideal choice for spaces with heavy foot traffic.


Q. How do I choose between luxury vinyl planks and tiles?

A. Consider your design preferences and the specific requirements of the space. Planks replicate wood, while tiles offer diverse style options.


Q. Is professional installation necessary for luxury vinyl?

A. Professional installation ensures a flawless result, proper acclimatisation, and adherence to warranty conditions.


Why Choose Hyland Carpet One for Your Luxury Vinyl Needs

Our commitment to providing the best customer service experience is evident in our site assessments, post-installation inspections, and comprehensive maintenance guidelines. When you choose us, you not only get quality flooring but also the assurance of our Beautiful Guarantee - if you're not satisfied with your floors, we'll replace them for free! Elevate your space with the perfect blend of style and functionality. Visit our showroom located at 250 Lorne Street, Sudbury, ON P3C 4P7, or contact us at 705-805-4897 today! Browse our online selection of luxury vinyl flooring now.

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Discover Vinyl Flooring

Find the best luxury vinyl flooring at Hyland Carpet One in Sudbury, ON, including waterproof and pet-proof floors.

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