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Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring

As your locally owned flooring retailer, it is important for us to relate to our customers. What better way to relate than talking about our pets! Most pet owners can agree that we treat our four-legged friends just like our children, so it is important to have a floor in your home that everyone can live on. That is why we carry premium pet-friendly flooring. Our pet-friendly flooring selection is curated with pet owners in mind and with the idea of making cleaning up after accidents a little easier. Talk to the experts here at Hyland Carpet One Floor & Home about installing new pet-friendly flooring in your home. As pet owners we can relate and help you find the best floor for your home.



What is the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring?

The best pet-friendly floor is one that is easy to clean, resistant to staining and moisture, and stylish. We carry a large selection of pet-friendly flooring that is both stylish and functional. That means you do not have to choose between style or function when you can have both! You will find pet-friendly luxury vinyl, tile, and even carpet in our showroom. We know that keeping up after your pets can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Spend less time cleaning up after your pet and more time playing with them when you install a pet-friendly floor in your home.


Did you know most waterproof flooring options also double as pet-friendly? Many of our flooring options are made specifically with pets in mind to help make you and your pet comfortable. In terms of durability, luxury vinyl and tile flooring are two of the most popular and long-lasting pet-friendly floors. Did you know we even have waterproof and pet-friendly carpet options? With waterproof carpet you no longer have to stress about a pet accident being the end of your beautiful flooring.



Relax_its_Lees carpet with dog

Pet-Friendly Carpet

You can find stain and moisture resistant pet-friendly carpets in our showroom! They feature the ultimate stain resistance, and can easily be cleaned. Many of our pet-friendly carpets feature our exclusive H2O™ technology, which revolutionizes waterproof carpet and helps to protect your subfloor underneath.



Pet-friendly Luxury Vinyl

Our pet-friendly luxury vinyl floors feature stain and scratch resistant surfaces, so accidental pet messes and their claws stand no chance against these floors. You can spend less time worrying about your pets ruining your flooring because luxury vinyl features a scratch, scuff, and moisture resistant wear layer. That means you can have play-time on these floors and not worry about your pet or their toy scratching up your floors.



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Waterproof Flooring

As we mentioned before, waterproof flooring doubles as pet-friendly too! If you are house training a new pet or your current pet happens to be a messy eater, waterproof flooring can protect itself. Our waterproof flooring selection includes tile, luxury vinyl, and even carpet!




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